National Anthem – Zimbabwe Native Anthem Text Lyrics

1.Simudzai mureza wedu weZimbabwe Yakazvarwa nomoto wechimurenga; Neropa zhinji ramagamba Tiidzivirire kumhandu dzose; Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe. 2.Tarisai Zimbabwe nyika yakashongedzwa Namakomo, nehova, zvinoyevedza Mvura ngainaye, minda ipe mbesa Vashandi vatuswe, ruzhinji rugutswe; Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe. 3.Mwari ropafadzai nyika yeZimbabwe Nyika yamadzitateguru ... [Read More]

Nat King Cole – Funny Lyrics

-artist: nat king cole -peak billboard position # 26 in 1952 -words and music by marcia neal, philip f. broughton, bob merrill, and hughie -prince

Funny, how I’ve stopped loving you I can pass you on ... [Read More]

Nat King Cole – Lost April Lyrics


Lost april, Where did you go? Like winter’s snow, I saw you vanish. Lost april, So soft and warm. A memory Not even time can banish.

Lost april, That taught me this. A single kiss Could lead to heaven. But april had ... [Read More]

Nat King Cole – Love Letters Lyrics

The sky May be starless The night May be moonless But deep In my heart I know that you Love me You love me Because you Told me so

Love letters Straight From your heart Keep us so near While we’re apart I’m not alone In the ... [Read More]

Nat King Cole – Love-wise Lyrics


Love-wise, you’re perfect; Touch-wise, you thrill me. Tender longings thrill me Every time I take your hand. Face-wise, attractive, Smile-wise, appealing, This contented feeling Can’t be hard to understand.

BRIDGE: *You’re sheer delight And much too nice to break up ... [Read More]

Nat King Cole – Miss Otis Regrets Lyrics

(cole porter)

Miss otis regrets She’s unable to lunch today.

Madam… Miss otis regrets She’s unable to lunch today.

She is sorry to be delayed, But last evening down at lover’s lane, she strayed. Madam… Miss otis regrets She’s unable ... [Read More]

Nat King Cole – More Lyrics


More Than the greatest love the world Has known,

This Is the love I’ll give to you Alone.

More Than the simple words I’ve tried to say, I’ll only live to love you More each day.

More than you’ll ever know, My ... [Read More]