Just Jack – Contradictions Lyrics

Darkest light Illuminate All the things I love to hate Contradict Myself and then Do it all Once again Walking tall Feeling small Lonely but Won’t take that call I contradict Myself and then Wonder why I do it all again


You can’t escape Contradiction is the ... [Read More]

Just Jack – Deep Thrills Lyrics

I’m pushing out into the blueness A soul soothing silence Helping me to get through this I’m floating breathless Calmer that a Buddhist In the newness Of a world untouched by Human hands It’s undiscovered civilisations in uncharted ... [Read More]


[Verse 1:] You say that he?s wrong; you say that he?s no good Leave him alone cause he?s gonna hurt you But what they don?t know is how he makes me feel You say ... [Read More]

Asin – Hangin Lyrics

CHORUS O, hangin (o, hangin) Pinapaya mo ang aking damdamin O, hangin (o, hangin) Linutas mo ang aking mga suliranin

Hanging maitim ang nasa bayan Likha ng usok sa pagawaan Ito’y ‘di mo masilayan Dito sa bundok at ... [Read More]